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It’s the end of WordPress as we know it

Posted by Ryan on

Over the past 10 years, WordPress had been our go to Content Management System for building the majority of our websites. Before I knock on WordPress, I’m going to give it the praise that it deserves for giving us the ability to make some pretty bad ass websites and helping us keep the lights on here in the studio. If WordPress is used properly (using Advanced Custom Fields & Custom Post Types) it can be a decent CMS. One my biggest issues with WordPress is that once the site is handed over to the client they usually end up installing a bunch of random plugins and end up trashing it. WordPress is also vulnerable to security risks because of these plugins and themes that are often used instead of crafting it from the ground up.

Over the past few months we’ve been on the search for the perfect CMS and have even given a few of them a run for their money by building small-medium size sites with them to figure out which platform will work best for us moving forward. Here is a list of some of them that we put to the test.

  1. Grav
  2. Stamatic
  3. Craft

For smaller websites, we are definitely attracted to the flat-file CMS approach which eliminates the need of having to worry about a database and keeping it sync up at all times. Stamatic is especially awesome in this case because it’s build with modern technologies such as Laravel and Vue.js which are go to frameworks for our dev team. When it comes to both small-medium websites we find it hard to beat Craft CMS. The Matrix pretty much blew our minds and we began to realize how flexible this CMS truly was. Although we enjoy features about all three of these modern platforms, you can expect to see us diving deeper into Craft especially since their new release. For the smaller mom and pop shop sites we’ll probably go with one of the flat-file options in some cases where we don’t need to deliver a database.

We’re excited to step into 2018 letting go of WordPress once and for all so that we can start utilizing these modern platforms to make our projects that much better. These platforms will allow us to convey our clients stories by putting their content first and not being restricted to canned themes which even larger agencies will deliver. We’re looking forward to shipping off top notch websites to our clients that will propel their online presence and experience. Hope you’re elevating your game this year too!

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